MenuTech is the organization in the digitalization world to furnish you with not just your online presence but also to support the transition of your business by providing an online ordering system to your customers.

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Online ordering system isn't restricted to takeaway businesses or simply any sort of food industry. This system can be utilized by any business that falls under the distribution channel.

Moreover, this online ordering system is such an adaptable device that it can fit into any sort of business, or organization. Online ordering system has boundless ways of being adaptable as indicated by the need of the client.

You only need to be part of the distribution channel; we’ll design the ordering system according to your requirement.

We offer the best online ordering system for any sort of business, such as:

  • Jewellery

  • Grocery

  • Pharmacy

  • Furniture

  • Electronics

  • Food

  • Coffee

  • Fashion

Irrespective of the niche of your business, we have created a food online ordering system, online ordering system for bakery, online ordering system for coffee shop, online ordering system for grocery, online ordering system for retailers, online ordering system for electronics, and online ordering system for small businesses.

Application Notification

Provide the in-app notification feature. When somebody gets an order the notification pops up.

Delivery feature

The business owners have full control over delivery:

  • Business owners have full access to the system to change the delivery range according to their services.

  • Changing the delivery cost of the business is possible too.

  • Customers have both pickup and delivery features with the COD facility.

  • Delivery time can be set according to the order

Secure payment gateway

  • Setting the best payment gateway for your business

  • The payment gateway accepts every sort of payment method.

  • With a single click, you can pick any payment method and pay according to your comfort.

Why choose us:

  • MenuTech does not charge on any transaction. However, minimal fees are involved which go towards the maintenance cost of a website and mobile applications.

  • Independent of your business specialty, we design the best online ordering platforms for every niche of business We modified the ordering system as indicated by your prerequisite.

  • Free upgradation of software at regular intervals with technical support.

  • Business owners have full access to the system to handle by adding/deleting the product, menu, and subcategory. Delivery timing and closing time of the store can be changeable.

  • We are using some high-level AI innovation. Assuming the customer needs some specific item, then, at that point, the customer will straightforwardly look through that item on the website or application.

MenuTech is the only superhero in the digital market that can help you save your day from all the complicated, time-consuming tasks.

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